Thursday, October 27, 2011

Original Frog Art

hanging on thefinch's wall

A close family friend and artist Delton Gerdes came up with this concept and wants to offer it to our following. It's a unique opportunity for some fine original Frog Art. Yes, that is thefinch. So much for anonymity. Disappointed? So is my mother. But the artwork is phenomenal.

How does it work?
I sent Delton several photos of myself in "riding position" (ha) as well as some close ups of my grill and told him a few details I wanted included. He then sent me a sketch like the one below for approval.

After approval Delton will complete your original watercolor art, then mat, frame, box, and ship to anywhere in the country. These portraits are typically 8x10 but other sizes are available upon request. A great gift idea for yourself or a fellow frog fanatic.

What if I'm interested?
email with Frog Art as the subject and I'll get you rolling on you're very own Riding Frog Original Art.